Proses Panen Beras Negara Laos

Proses Panen Beras Negara Laos

Rice is a staple food in Laos, and it plays a significant role in the country's culture and economy. Lao people consume rice with all three daily meals, and it represents a significant portion of a plate or bowl. Sticky rice, known as "Khao Niew," is the base of every meal in Laos. Unlike neighboring countries, Laos is well known for cultivating sticky rice, which is a more glutinous variety and accounts for around 90% of production.

Before cooking sticky rice, it needs to be soaked overnight and steamed for around 20 minutes in a bamboo basket placed over boiling water. The traditional way to cook it is in a steamer basket, especially a bamboo basket. Sticky rice contains a higher sugar level than regular rice, which gives it its stickiness.

Lao culture eats sticky rice by grabbing a small piece with your hand and rolling it up into a small ball shape. Holding it together with your entree or main dish, or dipping it into sauces, then eating it. They serve it in individual little bamboo baskets called "Lao Aep Khao," which has a lid to keep it warm. It is usually served with other big dishes or dipped into the sauce.

Rice farming is a way of life in Laos. Growing and harvesting is a long and labor-intensive process, and in most parts of Laos, they still use traditional farming methods. People spend long days in the fields with their water buffalo, which provides a unique opportunity to experience being a rice farmer for the day.

Rice fields dominate the landscape of natural resources, providing a dramatic and changing visual backdrop to the scenery in this beautiful nation. As the rice grows and the grains form, the field transforms into a rich golden yellow, eventually turning into a light brown before the actual harvest starts.

Joining a Laos rice experience tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the 13 steps of sustainable agriculture, meet warm and charming local farmers, and sample sticky rice accompanied by a traditional dipping sauce, crackers, and other accompanying snacks made from rice grain.

In conclusion, rice is not just a food in Laos, but it is a way of life. It plays a significant role in the country's culture, economy, and daily meals. The traditional way of cooking and eating sticky rice is an integral part of Lao cuisine, and rice farming is a labor-intensive process that provides a unique opportunity to experience the traditional way of life in Laos.

12 April 2024 | Informasi

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